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MMA - Classes

The unique understanding  of the body andthe techniques in Shukokai  enable all our students to  better understand and appriciate all forms of Martial Arts, esspecially the now popular Mixed Martial Arts. We offer both Strike Fighting and Ground Fighting, with the focus on the Striking. Our Jiu-Jitsu coach assits us in the practiacal application of our Striking  vs Ground Fighting.

We enter studnets in both inhouse and external Amature MMA events, such as the Takedown Round 6, and The Cape Fight League events, with a look towards fighters achiveing levels of Pro-Am and Pro fighters.

This is a highly  competitve sport and events such as the above is not  for all, however the fitness and skills learnt from these sessions are invaluable, and classesa as well as on 1vs1's are open to all to adults to from the age of 17yrs to  attend.

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