Fitness and Personal Training

Our Training Philosophy

A structured regime of functional, conditioning and flexibility exercises using various modalities that enhance ones level of optimal performance, in a one on one and group training, in a professional sustainable manner.

BODYPOWER: Group Fitness Classes

The class has a max of 10 members, and is done twice a week either in the morning or in the evening, these classes are on a first come first serve basis, and is treated as a personal training session. Therefore you will need to book your spot in the session for a 3month, 6month or 12monthly booking. This is an affordable way of getting professional personal attention to you fitness training regime. The class take into consideration each member needs, and limitations and the will combine various body weight and free weight strengthening techniques, with cross training, athletic drills, and core activation.

1 ON 1:  Personal Fitness Training

This is a fitness training session tailored entirely to you needs and requirements. After your consultation and goal setting session, your trainer will design your training programme for the months ahead , where  we advise you to see the trainer for no less than 2 session per week in order to achieve the goals you set for yourself. This is agreement between you and yourself, the Trainer will see you for around 8hrs in a month. What you do in the other hours will show your desire to achieve you goals.


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